Welcome to Windsurfing on the Welsh Harp


Members and experienced tasters are welcome EVERY THURSDAY from 14 May, 2020 until 3rd September, 2020


BEGINNER TASTERS - First two Thursdays each month (ending 13th August)

14th and 21th May, 2020
4th and 11th June, 2020
2nd and 9th July, 2020
6th and 13th August, 2020


Windsurfing on the Welsh Harp is run by a welcoming team of friendly and enthusiastic volunteer instructors.  You can learn, race and just windsurf for fun!  As a volunteer club we have no paid staff - so rely on members getting involved and being part of the club in order for us to continue to offer good quality equipment, facilities and training.

For more info please click to visit our new online noticeboard. Any questions please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Membership offers access and use of the water and facilities and allows members to launch their own equipment.
For details on how to join please click on link below

Tasters and Training

Windsurfing Taster and Training Sessions start Thursday 14th May 2020 at 6pm until 3rd September 2020 - please read above dates for dates and details. Tasters cost £10 per session and you can have two before you have to join the club to continue windsurfing with us.

No booking required for adults but we operate on a 'First Come, First Served' basis, so getting on the water will depend upon how many turn up and how many Instructors we have on the night.

We supply wetsuits, buoyancy aids and equipment. Please ensure you bring swimming kit, an old pair of trainers you can wear in the water and a towel.

Beginners: If you are a beginner our qualified instructors will give you a beginner lesson on land and then assist you on to the water to put it all into practice. The session will last approx 1 1/2 hours. If you take a second taster this will be a recap of the first followed by some supervised practice on the water.

Experienced Windsurfers
Can come on any Thursday from 14th May at 6pm - until 3rd September 2020.
One of our instructors will brief you and allocate you suitable equipment so you can get out on the water for a trial session. The duration of the session will be determined by how busy we are that evening.

New members who are already competent windsurfers will need to attend a minimum of 4 sessions before check out will be considered in order to get familiarised with the equipment and the way the club operates.


Members' Training

We offer free training to members on Thursday evenings from 6 pm, 14th May 2020 until 3rd September 2020.
This training is primarily aimed at getting members to a suitable standard so they can be checked out to use club equipment.
To progress further we offer RYA courses and clinics at extra cost up to intermediate planing level. These will be run occasionally at weekends subject to demand.

Windsurfing Kit - Club Kit

Club windsurfing equipment is primarily available for training and organised sessions such as club racing.
It is also available free of charge for club members to use outside of organised sessions subject to club check out and club rules.
Members are eligible for check out once their windsurfing and knowledge of the club and equipment reaches a standard where they are capable of windsurfing safely without safety cover whilst complying with club rules. Club equipment is available free of charge subject to club rules but is not costed as part of the membership fee.

Members' Kit

Members who wish to store and use their own personal boards and sails at the club will need to purchase a board licence for £30.
This will allow you to store your board on the open racks near the beach and rigs downstairs in the clubhouse basement.

Windsurfing Racing

Last season we successfully launched our fun racing series! We run racing mostly on Saturday mornings on Starboard Rios and sails up to 6.7 sq m.
You don't have to be an expert windsurfer or racer to take part it is aimed at all levels as long as you can sail in all directions then you can race with us
It is a great way of improving your windsurfing and getting out on the water with others. 

Questions + Answers

What is checkout?
We operate club checkout to allow members to use equipment outside of organised sessions.  To be checked out you must show - you are a competent windsurfer, able to use and store equipment properly and safely unsupervised.

Can members use equipment whenever they want?
Members can use equipment most days, as long as they have been checked out.

What boards and sails does the club have?
We have a range of Starboard, Bic and Hi-Fly boards suitable for training up to intermediate planning level and a good range of rigs to suit the conditions.

Does the club rent equipment?
No - We are not a rental centre. Our equipment is free to use for members only.

What ability level is the Welsh Harp lake best for?
The lake is best suited from beginner up to intermediate windsurfers.

When is the club open?
All year round for checked out members on a help yourself basis.

Can I take lessons?
Yes. Free basic training is available on Thursday evenings and RYA training courses and clinics are run at weekends periodically at an additional cost

If am already an experienced windsurfer do I still need to be checked out?
Yes - all members need to be checked out. And it will take a minimum of 4 sessions before checkout is granted.

For more infomation please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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