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Further Reduced Membership Fees apply from 1st September - see Table below

The club always welcomes new members and anyone can join. We're all really enthusiastic about sharing our knowledge and passion for sailing and windsurfing. You'll find every member is happy to answer any questions you may have. Becoming a member is really easy, so whether you want to join right away or you're just interested to find out more about us, get in touch today.


Annual membership fees

Full membership includes training* and the use of the club's boats and windsurfing boards. There are no additional joining fees.

Our sailing year begins on 1st April 2020. All memberships last until 31st March 2021. There is a reduction on some fees if you pay / renew before March 31st.

As all memberships end on 31st March 2021, there is a reduced membership fee if you join after 6th July this year. Most training finishes mid September, so there is a further reduction if you join after this date. 



    Subscription bought:  Notes 
 Jan 1st 
   from  Apr 1st    from
 July 6th
 Sept 1
 Single Adult £240   £250 £155  £110  Aged 18 and over and not covered below. 
 Family £385  £395  £260  £180  A couple or carers including children up to the age of 17 on 1st April 2020, and who all live at the same address. 
 Senior £180  £190  £125  £90  Aged 65 or over on 1st April 2020, and all existing senior members of the former clubs. 
Concession  £120  £130  £85  £60  Aged 18 or over, student or unwaged (need to show proof); disabled at the discretion of the membership secretary. 

 Junior (has to have parent as member)

£65  £65  £40  £40  Aged between 8 and 17 on 1st April 2020 and not covered by family membership. 
Non-sailing parent of junior member £10 £10 £10 £10 This single membership provides social membership for
up to two parents /guardians of a junior member.
Social  £45  £45  £30  £25  Non sailing members, including parents of sailing juniors. 
 Associate sailing £30 £30  £30  £30  Sailing members of another Welsh Harp Club. 
Friend Donation Newsletter and other club news only.


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Try before you buy

Come along on a Thursday (from April 2020) at 6pm for a trial session for £10 (refundable if you join) and see if you like us and the way we do things.


Got your own boat or board?

If you have a boat of your own or a windsurf board, you can keep them at the club for a small annual fee.

 LICENCE FEE   Boat  Board*   Rig only   Boat and board     Trailer
Single  Double 
Adult - all year round from Apr 1st £60  £30  £5  £80  £20  £30 
 Junior - all year round from Apr 1st £30  £15  £5  £40  £20  £30 
 Winter only (Oct 1st - Mar 31st) free  free  free  free  £20 


*Board fee is for more than one board per member (within reason)

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Membership enquiries
07896 465 848 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Benefits of membership

  • Becoming part of a fun, friendly, not-for-profit club with and excellent volunteer ethos.
  • Access to free training. We provide training for beginners and intermediates, race training and offshore sailing. *
  • Regular GP14 and Laser fleet racing, with one of the largest GP14 fleets in the UK.
  • Full disabled facilities, as well as specialist RYA Sailability boats and training.
  • Regular trips to the sea or other inland waters for dinghy sailors and windsurfers.
  • Access to a beautiful site, with over 70 acres of water and excellent transport with central London.
  • Use of any club craft (boat and windsurf boards), once you have been checked out by one of our trainers.
  • Use of club wetsuits and buoyancy aids.
  • Access to the club-house facilities, including kitchen and changing rooms.
  • Free tea and coffee whenever you want.
  • Access to the club bar during opening hours.
  • A busy social calendar and friendly company.
  • Provision for children.
  • Parking for your own boat/ storage for board, if/when you buy one.

*Most dinghy and windsurf training is included. We do charge for RYA courses, first aid and powerboat training and some advanced training like offshore yachting. Ask our club training officers for more information.



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