The new club Lasers have been rigged in such a way that ABSOLUTELY NONE of the rigging needs to be undone.










The free end loop of the Blue cunningham line should be slipped onto the captive hook which is attached to the kicker assembly.  This line has a plactic ball on it to prevent it being passed through the sail cringle.


and then, the free end loop of the Grey cunningham line should be passed through the sail cringle and then onto the captive hook alongside the previously fitted grey line.

















With the kicker assembled to the boom via the key on the top block and the slot under the boom it should look like the second photograph.















The block which is permanently threaded onto the outhaul control line should be clipped onto the hook attached to the bottom mast by the gooseneck.  This should look like the third photograph.















The three control lines should look like the fourth photograph without any ropes or knots having been untied or altered in any way.


(The spectacles are optional)



Laser 1Laser 2

Laser 3Laser 4





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