There are a number of different radios in use, currently they are all PMR446; ie. they use the 446MHz public licence free frequency.  The operating instructions for eachtype  are in the links below, click to view.
Cobra 1035FLT 

Cobra Radios

These radios have been in service since October 2020
The Cobra radios float and have good coverage.

 See the Operating Instructions



Hytera Power 446


Hytera Radios

Hytera radios are very good proffessional quality radios, they

are waterproof but do NOT float.

See the Operating Instructions




Vertex Radios

These are an earlier PMR446 radio, good quality but are

NOT waterproof and do NOT float.

See the Operating Instructions

Uniden PMR446 set
Uniden Radios

There are only two of these which were bought as an experiment.  They float and are waterproof but the audio volume output is not that loud.

See the Operating Instructions