Dear (brave) Sailors (and spectators),

Saturday was a magnificent day for messing around in boats. With many people also doing quite a bit of messing around out of their boats.


Only seven GPs started the first race, with almost as many spectators staying in the clubhouse to watch the fun – and what fun there was. We had a decent south-westerly of about 20-25kts, gusting with a real punch to 35+. The course set was 2, 1, 6, 7,putting in a long beat and a death-rolling run back down. Of course the wind was extremely shifty. Those luck (skilled) enough to stay upright for the long run from 1 down to 6, then had to decide when to jibe between 6 and 7. Out of the seven starters, all bar two capsized at some point, many of them on this final leg of the course. Five boats finished in the points but everyone seemed to have a fun, if exhausting, race.


The decision was taken to cancel the second race, not least because both safety boats were still assisting boats over twenty minutes after the winners of the first race crossed the line.

Here are the results:

1st Roger and Norman

2nd Mark and Alain

3rd Steve and Thomac

4th Scooter and Jamie

5th Andy and Andy


Well done to everyone for getting out there – thanks to the safety boat crews for all their hard work, and thank you for the very welcome tea and cakes afterwards.

See more photos - Sailing Club Photos  Jan-Feb 2014 - including evidence that even the best capsize!

And some video clips - Click here to view sailing video clips - see how windy it was!



As you were,



Professional OOD flag and anchor operative