Race Report - Saturday 15 November 2014

Saturday was quite a bit different from the weekends which have been having in November. In contrast to the previous weekends, this was two or three knots of wind. 

There was a training course for the RS Fevas on the Harp, so we were restricted to the far end of the lake - although in the end the light winds meant that we did not get to use all of it.

Given the time taken to get to the racing area, and the hope (which proved futile, in the end) that the wind would strengthen during the day, the first race eventually started around 13:30. 

Normally, we would run two races, starting at 13:00, with a tea break in between. 

This time, the OOD decided to make the best of the conditions by running the two races back-to-back. 

The first race course was set as 6-5-3 = a basic triangular course. Unfortunately, the wind shifted early on and the planned beat to 6 turned into (almost) a fetch. 

Craig let the fleet from the start, with "Scooter" (Ruslan) in pursuit. After two laps, they were still leading, so Scooter came in second, and Ali - having pulled himself up through the fleet - in a brilliant third place. 

The second race for Bronze Helms was changed to 4-5-6-3 - a conventional figure of eight. Again, the wind also changed during the early part of the race. Again, Craig led the pack. Jamie (with Scooter crewing) was following, and the third place was taken by Alan Trott (with Peter Kaye crewing).

Each of the races were only around half an hour. But, we had made the best of the weather in the circumstances. 

Thanks to Dennis & Mike who did OOD duty, and Steve & Paul who provided the Safety Boat cover.

Let's see what the weather is like next weekend...

Dennis Adams