Race Report - Saturday 8 Nov 2014

11 GP14 teams and one Laser (Wiebe) braved a grey day with winds forecast up to 35 knots. Although they did not achieve their full potential, the gusts caused at least 6 capsizes. These were mostly spread around the second race, keeping Roger and Demi on first safety boat busy.

More photos from Luke

With a south-westerly wind, and a powerboat course around buoy 1, Jim Faulkner set the first course 2563. Scooter and Jamie rapidly established and kept their lead throughout, with Richard and Penny demonstrating their skills by overtaking the balaclavad team of Dennis and Mike to second place  during the second lap. 

All but one club boat (Edwards Parks and Evie Carver), with an early capsize, finished, in the following order: Steve and Michal, Jim Dimond and Ian, Martin and Mahmoud, Norman and Lydia (a tense moment when genoa sheets wouldn't uncleat), Craig and Brian, Ali and Giselle (an unfortunate over the line start), Wiebe, Peter Kaye and Alan, and Ricardo and Caro (some good capsizes can be seen!).

Jim Faulkner and Louise decided it was time for tea, and a well-earned rest. The prospect of even greater winds in the second race failed to deter 7 of the GPs and the indefatigable Wiebe going back out. Jim set 256341, allowing an easier but longer passage back up the Harp.

This time no one was anywhere near the line at the start, and Ali and Giselle rapidly established an impassable lead. Norman and Lydia took over second place when Michal and Steve had to retire with a broken tiller after the first lap. Jim Dimond and Ian climbed the ranks, even after a capsize (with mast buoyancy) to take third GP position after Wiebe. Next was Alan and Peter taking first place for the bronzes, much relieved to have had no capsize in all four laps (no shortened course allowed by the tough OOD!), followed by a determined Dennis and Mike after a long capsize and much mud. Ricardo and Caro finally decided they had had one capsize too many and retired, as did Mahmoud and Martin with one capsize too long in the cold water.

Most participants were rewarded by the rain holding off during racing – with a storm shortly afterwards drenching the laggards putting their boats away..

Ron and the writer, on second safety boat, much enjoyed staying dry and upright - and an excellent afternoon's entertainment!

Laurence Bard