Race report:  Tuesday. 22 July 2014

It was an evening filled with strange events....

There were mysterious boats. Even the race results disappeared at one time. And Brian Marks & Graham Marks sailed BETWEEN a boat and its spinnaker without getting caught up!!!

There were three Lasers and 14 GP14 at the start line. The course was 5-6-3-4-1-2. This was due to the north easterly wind - the extra marks forcing people to make tactical decisions down-wind.

The Laser fleet included Alain Renauld and Mark Wolf - who typically sail together in a GP14, but were head-to-head in the Lasers. After 3 laps, Alain crossed the finish line first.

Roger Walton won the first race for the GP14, followed by Richard Lord and Steve Cooper.


Who were those mysterious people?

As the second race was due to start, a club boat (no. 1), crewed by two young men, came into view. They took part in the second race. Who were they? Where did they come from?  This reporter does not know. It is rumoured that they were ex-university and now members of WHSC. But they had not signed on.

Then there was the fourth Laser - with Spanish "ESP" on the sail. It joined the second race, but did not finish. Was it transported back to Spain?

We did run a second race, over the same course. In the GP14 class, Richard Lord was first across the finish line, followed by Boat No.1. Mahmood was third - the first "Bronze" helm.

 Alain again beat Mark in the Lasers. 

Thanks to Dennis and Mike for running the committee boat, and Jim & John on safety boat. 

Footnote: please sign on

Please note that it is necessary to sign on before racing. The sign on sheets are in the North clubhouse. If you do not sign on, then you will not be given a place in the results..