Race Report - Saturday 19 July

Looking at the weather reports before Saturday, it looked like there was a serious risk of thunderstorms. We were also concerned that they might either be no wind at all or too much to run a race. 

In the end we had a fairly mild south-westerly breeze so we were able to run some reasonable races to start with. 

The first course was 2-3-4-1 which was intended to give a beat to 2 but by the end of the first lap the wind had changed and we ended up with a fetch. After the Laser start, there were problems with the committee boat dragging it's anchor. So we had to delay the GP 14 start until we could re-position. This at least gave us the chance to establish a better starting line. So the GP14 fleet got away about 5 minutes after the scheduled time. 

By this time the Lasers fleet (4) was some distance ahead of the 15 GP14. Due to this difference in start times unfortunately the two fleets got mixed up as the fastest Lasers began to catch up with the tail-ending GP14. However this was all resolved in the end.

The first lap at the GP 14 race was led by Craig, with Steve Cooper in close contention. 

Although the fleets were strung out at times, the end of lap two for the GP14 (which was lap 3 for the Lasers) saw a large collection of boats all heading for mark no 1. There were various shouts of Starboard, plus some other colourful language, but no significant damage, as far as we could tell. If anyone wants to try to work out what happened to their boat, have a look at the photos, which we hope to post on the club Facebook page.

In the first race, the leading Laser was Mahmood, with Gareth and Tomasz following close behind. In the GP14 fleet, the two green boats led the way - Brian and Craig were first and second, with Joel third.


The second race was run on the same course, although we had to move some of the marks to account for the wind which, although variable, had veered westerly. The Laser race was was also run by Mahmood, with Gareth second, and Maurice third.  The first three GP14 to cross the line were Michael, Sophie and Chris.


Tea was at the South Clubhouse, with lots of people keeping their eyes on the weather to see if it would deteriorate.


In the end, we decided to run the third race. The course was set the same, but again we had to move some marks to ensure we had a reasonable beat (at least in the first lap). This time the Lasers were led home by Gareth, with Mahmood and Maurice following behind. The first GP14 was Jim Faulkner, followed by Alistair Lambert, and Craig Sanderson.


What had promised to be a very problematic day turned out to be a full set of racing.

In the end, there were no thunderstorms.

Thanks to Dennis and Mike for doing OOD, and to Lesley and Rebecca for safety boat. Special thanks to Roger Walton for helping out on safety at short notice.

Have a look at the club Facebook Page, where we hope to post some of the photos taken from the Committee boat.