Race report:  Tuesday. 15th April 2014

The initial reports suggested that this would be a very quiet day. At one time we even wondered if we would have a race at all.

The fleet for the first race consisted off 11 GP14 and one laser.

The officer of the day set a very simple course - 1234.

After a very successful start the fleet powered away, discovering that the wind was stronger than they had expected. Unfortunately after the first lap the wind fell as expected. Steve Cooper lead from the first lap and continued to lead the race for the remainder of the race.

Rather than four laps the OOD had to shorten the course to 2 laps because of the wind.

The major event of the day was the loss of James Stafford sunglasses - successfully collected by the safety boat!

The first race was won by Steve Cooper.

The second race was a much smaller triangle - 124. With a very ambitious 14 laps ! The wind had died down a lot. The fleet was reduced to 9 boats, who all got away successfully.

The course was shortened after two laps.

The second race was won by Mahmood, with Steve Cooper crewing.

All in all a very quiet evening. A lot of opportunity to practice low wind spinnakers!

Thanks to Dennis, Gerry, Caro (and young Hugh) for running the committee boat.

Special thanks to Brian and Graham for their excellent safety boat work.