Victor Trophy GP14 Open

Sat 5th July

On the 5th of July we held the annual GP14 Victor Open meeting. In total we had 18 GP14s out on the water. This was a bit lower than expected but still not a bad result for a day where the wind was not forecasted to be great, and where it was scheduled between various other open meetings (including the Nationals in Weymouth the weekend before). This probably also explains why we had only two visitor boats out who provided strong competition.


It turned out that the wind was ideal with force 3 to 4 winds from the South west and mainly sunny conditions. The first race was won by Richard Ham / Jack Hardie from Tollesbury who lead from the start with Mark Wolf / Alain Renaud from WHSC coming home second. Steve Cooper managed to capsize which spoilt his chances. The second race was won by Mark Wolf / Alain Renaud as was the third. This meant that Mark and Alain won the trophy. When Mark thanked the organizers of the food, safety, etc. he addressed the Trophy to Tam Cole who passed away three weeks earlier and who played an important role for the club and who will be dearly missed by many.

The race was complicated by several patches of weed which affected most boats at one time or another.

In the morning  Richard Lord showed off his cooking skills by providing breakfast in the form of bacon butties. In the afternoon, Daphne and Peter provided an extensive lunch (goulash, baked potatoes, salads, bread). In the afternoon we had lots of homemade cookies from Liz and Caro. We had help from Brian, Lincoln, Alan, Ray and various others for OOD/Safety and other duties. Many thanks for your help during the day!

The fleet was divided into a Gold (11 boats - three prizes) and Silver category (7 boats - one prize), and the results were as follows:


               1st: Mark Wolff / Alain Renaud (WHSC)

               2nd: Richard Ham / Jack Hardie (Tollesbury)

               3rd: Richard Lord / Lorna Davies (WHSC)


               1st: Peter Kay / Ron Cruickshank

All well done! See come pictures and overall results below.

Wiebe Nauta
Sailing Secretary WHSC



1st gold 14131 Mark Wolf Alain Renaud WHSC (2) 1 1 2
2nd gold 13866 Richard Ham Jack Hardie Tollesbury 1 3 (19 dnf) 4
3rd gold 14102 Richard Lord Lorna Davis WHSC (4) 2 2 4
4th gold 13980 Roger Walton Yvon Kalmeijer WHSC 3 (9) 3 6
5th gold 14151 Steve Cooper Daniel Matteus WHSC (6) 4 4 8
6th gold 14014 Andy Wadsworth Andy Shrimpton WHSC (9) 6 5 11
7th gold 13316 James Ward Richard Whitehill Papercourt 7 5 (8) 12
8th gold 13269 Peter Law Joe Stansfield WHSC 5 7 (11) 12
9th gold 13679 Martin Hime Mahmood WHSC 8 8 (9) 16
10th gold 10591 Craig Sanderson Brian Garrard NCSC (11) 11 6 17
11th gold 3787 Norman Brown Lydia Evans WHSC (10) 10 7 17
12th silver 14134 Peter Kay Ronald Cruickshank WHSC (12) 12 12 24
13th silver 13136 Ricardo Chacon Caro Mitchell WHSC 15 (17) 10 25
14th silver 13578 Keith Toovey Chris Higgs WHSC (14) 14 13 27
15th silver 5 Michael Szady Walter Savol WHSC (16) 13 14 27
16th silver 13941 Dennis Adams John Middleton WHSC 13 (15) 15 28
17th silver 13269 Rebecca Harral Chris Dewberry WHSC 17 16 (DNC) 33
18th silver 13919 Peter Dunton Alan Trott Seahorse (DNC) 19 dns 19 dnf 38