GP14 racing was held on Saturday morning to free up the afternoon for the Thames Valley Circuit Laser Open. The forecast was more or less no wind in the morning, but it was actually not that bad and we had some good but difficult sailing. Lots of wind shifts and (small) gusts. Very enjoyable for the sailors that were there.

Two races were held (one All and one Bronze series)

All Series:

Gold: Mark/Helen
Silver: Andy W/Andy S
Bronze: Mick P/John O
Laser: Mahmood

Bronze Series:

Bronze: Yvon/Roger
Laser: Mahmood

All well done!

Please note that next week is the last race of the Spring series. I think I am still missing one of the score & sign-in sheets (OOD Ian Conway/Tinu), can you check whether you still have them please?

Kind regards,


Wiebe Nauta
Sailing Secretary
Welsh Harp Sailing Club