It was a great day for sailing. Some good wind which varied between reasonable and strong at times. Doing safety or OOD is part of being a member of a volunteers club. However, seeing everyone sailing in each other's way, shouting at one and other, banging into each other, doing one of the couple of capsizes, or sinking makes you kind of wish you were part of the action! although the prospect of having to sail 41 rounds makes you longing to the end of the race before having started (see picture below). Luckily, our fabulous OOD couple raised the Shortened-Course flag after 2 rounds. I made some great pictures of people trying to get the boat up-right but my safety partner thought it was a better idea to assist in the rescue, so I only show you a picture of the bottom of the boat.


There were a good number of boats out (18 GP14s and 6 lasers). The scores cane be found here: Race Results

The Lasers had a good time  and used the opportunity to practice for the Laser open on the 21st of June.

NOTE: There is normal racing on the 21st! but the first race starts at 1030.

NOTE2: Briefing for the Laser Open starts at 1330. If you can lend a hand, please let Lincoln or myself know.



See you next week on the Harp,


Wiebe Nauta

Sailing Sectretary