Brent Regatta 2014

Saturday 31 May 

Luke, NCSC, has taken lots of photos – Brent Regatta 2014


What a wonderful afternoon! OK the wind was rubbish but there was sunshine, it was warm and there were plenty of people on the water enjoying the racing - 75 I've been told!

There were

·         GP14s with members from NCSC, WSC and WHSC

·         Lasers with members from WSC and WHSC

·         RS200 with members from WSC and WHSC in the same boat

·         Picos with Sea Cadets and adults from WHSC!

This was a real WHSA event and it felt great

To make the event even more special the Current Mayor of Brent, Bobby Thomas, joined us and presented the Trophies.  He charmed us all. He arrived dressed to sail, took a turn round the lake in a GP14, helping me to rig it and then learning how to crew. He would love to see more local people making use of the Harp and gave us some ideas (and a suggestion of possible funding) for holding an event. We hope he will be able to join when we do.

Results (from memory - so could be wrong!) - Julian Bradley, WHSA Sailing Master will provide the official results:

Class                     1st                               2nd                                3rd

GP14                     Jim & Scooter                Craig & Brian Garrard         Liz & Sam (thanks to his mother)  

RS200                   Julian & Helen                 Joe & Adam                    John Curran & Szymon

Laser                     Duncan                         Gareth                            Sophie                       

Pico                      Pablo                            Norman                           Louise




Tea was a bit more lavish than usual. We took NCSC’s lead in providing homemade cakes and asked members to bring a few. Delicious cakes of all sorts arrived on the day. There was barely a slice left at the end of the day, which is what you might expect if there was nothing else to eat. But due to a slight misunderstanding there was also a mountain of sandwiches. Liz provided homemade jam for the scones and clotted cream. This tea will be a hard act to follow.



Event organisation         Liz

Racing organisation        Wiebe & Jim

OOD & results               Brian Jeffries & Richard Malden

Safety Boats:                Ray & Jerry, Fred & Brian Turgoose

Presentation                 Bobby Thomas, Mayor of Brent

                                  John Shepherd, WHSA Chairman

                                  Fred, memories of the earlier Brent Regattas

Tea organisation           Liz & Maciej

Sandwiches                  Tinu, Joyce, Alan, Daphne, Liz, Maciej and anyone else who was in the crowded kitchen!

Cakes                          Brian, Daphne, Liz, Louise, Mike, Tinu, me (really my husband) - they came so quick and fast I lost track I may not have listed everyone!

Photos                        Luke, NCSC