Race Report - Sat 25 May

It was an interesting day at the Harp on Saturday: all seasons in one day…. We’ve had it: Sun, (heavy) rain, dark clouds, blue sky, hail, thunder & lightning, some massive gusts and no wind. Even our best sailors went for a swim…

Have a look at the pictures how the weather changed the race from a nice sunny day race to survival mode sailing. There were 19 GP14s and 4 Lasers out on the water.


Beginner mistakes like forgetting your bung or not signing in (rewarded with an NSO score in the sheet) had big impact on what could have been excellent scores…


The races were won by:

Race 1

Gold: Steve/Daniel
Silver: Martin/Mahmood
Bronze: Soye/Tinu
Laser: Lincoln

Race 2

Bronze: Chris D/Chris L
Laser: Lincoln

Race 3

Gold: Craig/Brian
Silver: Richard/Cesar
Bronze: John O/Mick
Laser: No Laser sailed

All well done!

The files with the race results can be found: here. The results for the 17th of May still need to be entered. The 10th of May was an A-day.

Next week there are two Opens: The Brent Regatta on the Harp and Poole (Southern Open). Good luck if you participate in one of these!


Kind regards,


Wiebe Nauta
Sailing Secretary Welsh Harp Sailing Club