Race Report  - Sat 26 April

It was a quite windy day (Easterly) with loads of gusts and shifts on Saturday. The consequences were quite a few capsizes in both the GP14 and the Laser fleets which kept our safety crews busy. There were 18 GP14s and 7 Lasers out on the water. Interesting courses were laid out by the OOD team which used the whole of the Welsh Harp.

The races were won by:

Race 1 – All Series

Gold: Jim/Scooter
Silver: Peter/Penny
Bronze: John C/Alec (2nd overall!)
Laser: Alain


Race 2 – Bronze Series

Bronze: Seamus/Peter L
Laser: Gareth


Race 3 – All Series
Gold: Roger/Yvon
Silver: Daniel/Steve (2nd overall)
Bronze: John C/Alec (3rd overall)
Laser: Alain


All well done!

The results of Saturday can be found using the following link



A couple of important notes:

  • On the 17th of May we’ll have the Push the boat out day in the afternoon. We will have races in the morning. 2 races back-to-back, starting at 1030.
  • On the 31st of May, there’s the Brent Regatta (visited by the Mayor of Brent). It will be two races back-to-back and open to all WHSA classes. Briefing at 1300, first race at 1330.
  • We have tried out the new sign on sheets and it seems to work very well. We’ll keep using the new format for now. 

I am looking forward to seeing loads of boats out on Saturday next week!


Wiebe Nauta

Sailing Secretary Welsh Harp Sailing Club