Race Report - Venetian Trophy 2014

The GP14 Southern series for 2014 kicked off with a wonderful sunny and reasonably windy day at the Welsh Harp. 25 boats participated including representatives from Papercourt, Tollebury, Poole and Wembley. With a consistent westerly wind, the OOD was able to set out a course that used the full length of the Welsh Harp.

The first race was set for 2-1-8-7. In the excitement a number of boat were over the line which resulted in a general recall and a consequent black flag start. The first race was won by Andrew & Toby from Poole. 

After a diverse lunch the last two races started also with a 2-1-8-7 course. Again due to the excitement another general recall happened. After another black flag start this race was also won by Andrew and Toby (there seems to be a pattern here!). The wind picked up and was gusty which resulted in a couple of capsizes which kept our safety crews busy.

The OOD decided to use a different course due to the wind having shifted to more northerly (1-2-7-8-3-4). A third general recall was required to temper the excitement of the participants to get started. This must be a record for the Welsh Harp! This race was won by - you guessed it by now - our visitors from Poole: Andrew & Toby. 

Follow tea and cakes the prizes were awarded to the winners of the Gold and Silver fleet. The organisers pointed out that that the prize for the Silver fleet and the prizes for the Gold fleet were all won by visitors. Clearly the new Welsh Harp sailing club needs to get a little more practice.

A special thanks to the organisers and the caterers for the good food. The visitors thanked the new Welsh Harp Sailing Club for their good hospitality.

The next Southern Travelers open event will be held at Papercourt on Sunday the 27th of April.

Gold Fleet:

1st: Andrew/Toby (Poole)
2nd: Richard/Jack (Tollesbury)
3rd: James/Richard (Papercourt)

Silver Fleet:

1st: John/Kev (Wembley)



All pictures can be found on our Facebook page:

WHSC Facebook - Venetian Trophy 2014 photo album


Wiebe Nauta
Sailing Secretary