Race Report - Sat 5 Apr

Dear Sailors,

It was an exciting day but being in a small laser fleet I missed most of the action that happened in the GP14 fleet. There were a couple of capsizes as the wind was stronger than predicted, but still very well sailable. Peter Key – OOD – introduced the concept of Gates at the Harp, and while doing so, why not having two gates in one race? Specially for the day he created some new numbers boards (see attached picture): a gate at 1-2 and a gate at 5-6. The gate at 1-2 was quite square. The 5-6 gate was more biased towards Mark 5 (shorting the distance) although rounding mark 6 would give more clear wind. Strangely, the gates made the mark roundings more difficult as I have seen quite a few (including myself) hitting the marks and doing their turns. Nice to have tried something different!


Starts are always tricky, but sailing the opposite way of the rest of the fleet (no names JC) add to the excitement (see picture).


You will also have noticed the new sign on sheets. As some people’s handwriting is not really readable, this is an attempt to make the race administration easier. You have to write the sail number in the column (race 1, 2 or 3) of the race you plan to helm. One comment was to get the list sorted on first rather than on last name (which we will do). Let me know whether you think this will work better.


Race 1

Gold: Jim / Eugene

Silver: Andy W / Andy S (6th overall)

Bronze: John C / Richard B (4th overall!)

Laser: Gareth


Race 2

Bronze: John C / Richard B

Laser: Wiebe


Race 3

Gold: Ben / Chris L

Silver: Ali / Lydia

Bronze: John C / Richard B

Laser: none sailed


All: well done!

Please note that next week is the Venetian. First race: 11:00.

Kind regards,