Race Report - Sat 18 Jan

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Dear Sailors,


It was predicted to be a day with quite a bit of wind. There was wind, but most of it on the Western side of the Harp. Weird. The wind was also quite shifty which made it interesting. The OOD (Eric Janering and Lydia) were limited in their options for a course due to the Southerly wind. The course was 2-3-4-5-6-1. From personal experience I can say that despite being over the line one of the first (starting from the middle of the line), it was not that great after all as being headed towards the dam, it changed my position from one of the first to one of the last. Disappointing!


We also had the pleasure to sail the course around the new massive bright marks. Some of us struggled with the size, as the marks were hit quite a few times here and there (no names!). But have a look at the pictures made by Tom. In total we had 19 GP14s and 5 Lasers out.


Again: GP14s, during the Laser start: stay away from the start line after the 4 minute warning. I have seen quite a few boats interfering with the Laser start.


Anyway, the races were won by:


Race 1 (All Series)

Gold: Mark/Eugene

Silver: Martin/Mahmood (2nd overall)

Bronze: John Curran/Alec

Laser: Richard B


Race 2 (Bronze series)

Bronze: Giselle/Ali

Laser: Gareth


All well done! I hope we have another large fleet next week!

To close off with a two lines from Robert Burns (as Burns night will be held this coming Saturday):


But, Mousie, thou art no thy lane,
In proving foresight may be vain;


Kind regards,


Wiebe Nauta


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