Race Report

Saturday 14th February 2015

Winter Saturday Series Results:      GP14 'All' helm  GP14 'Bronze' helm - Laser    Last updated: 15th February 2015

With a medium easterly wind, Richard and Fred set a figure of eight 6521.

Ruslan and Jamie got off to a good start near the pin, and tacked onto port first. By windward mark 6, however, it was Roger and Yvon, Mark and Alain, then Ruslan, with Ali and Yasmin in the first block of boats. This and the next close block showed some frantic activity after 5 as they gybed and hoisted their spinnakers, but Steve and Paul were caught off guard midway to 2 and capsized. In the second lap, Mark caught Roger, and Ali caught Ruslan, but by the end of the final lap 3, Ruslan had fought back to second place.














The second race saw Craig and Brian lead Alain and Mark virtually all the way to the finish, but the more exciting part of the race was between the bronzes. After a start almost forced unfairly over the line, Sophie and Jim got to the lead by the windward mark, with Jamie and Ruslan, Yvon and Roger and Caro and Ricardo in hot pursuit, Caro gaining second place by the end of the first lap. By the next lap, Jamie was in the lead, with Wiebe and Karen and Chris Higgs getting to 2nd and 3rd place, Sophie having managed to catch her spinnaker line in the main pulley block for a while. With gentler winds, there was less change in the positions over laps 3 and 4, but as they approached the final mark 1, it was Chris just ahead of  Wiebe just ahead of Jamie, with Demi and Keith, and then Sophie not far behind. But after the buoy Chris kept her course toward the north shore a little too long before tacking, and Wiebe had hit the buoy, leaving Chris to beat Jamie by a whisker.













Richard started each 3-boat Laser race after the GPs, the Lasers mostly catching the back of the fleet. Maurice won the first, Tomasz the second, with Mahmood improving his position in the second.

 Laurence Bard, Safety Boat