Sailability at the Welsh Harp Sailing Club.

Sailability is sailing for people with disabilities.  Sailing is a thrilling sport which, with the right equipment and support is accessible and manageable for people with disabilities.

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Welsh Harp Sailing Club meets the criteria of the RYA to be a Sailability Centre.

WHSC offers Sailability experiences that are part of the Club's general sailing activities rather than independent activities, for people with disabilities wanting to learn to sail or for those who already can. WHSC has one accessible dinghy, a Hansa 303, which is a two-seater sailing dinghy. This enables a person with a disability to sail with an experienced sailor next to them. The controls of the boat are all reachable from the seat which is low in the boat and like a deckchair. This means the sailors do not need to move around the boat. The boat has a very heavy keel so is very stable.

The club has a hoist for sailors who are unable to get into the boat themselves.

The clubhouse is equipped with an accessible toilet and changing room on the ground floor. The saloon, bar and kitchen are all on the ground floor. There is a wheelchair ramp that can be put in place for the lip at the main door.

Sailing opportunities need to be arranged so that there can be enough people to enable it to be possible and safe. We like to have a conversation beforehand to find out about the person’s needs and to determine if we would be able to meet them.

If you are interested in finding out more please email

Images: courtesy of the RYA