Push the Boat Out Day 2014

Great time had by all. And we recreated Art!

Push the Boat Out Day 2014

Saturday 17 May 2014

Yesterday the winds were perfect for not racing and for taking out friends and family. Sailors, as young as 4, were able to go out with parents and grandparents. While slightly older children were able to have on the water water fights from 3 up Oppies, Toppers and Picos. All the club boats were out. Trainees were able to go out together to improve their skills on the water without anyone to tell them they were doing it wrong! 

But we did take the opportunity to recreate art! See VanGoYourself for other people's efforts. This was ours...


At the risk of missing someone I’d like to say Thank Youto all those who put in so much to make the day successful

Andy, Caro, Catherine, Ceasar, Claire & Phoenix, Daphne, Gary, Ian, Joel, Johannes (new member),

John Shepherd, Liz, Louise, Maciej, Martin Cohen WSC, Mike Green, Miriam, Peter Kay, 

Ray, Ricardo, Richard Gillian (new member), Richard Lord, Roberto, Tinu