GP14 Southern Travellers Series

Victor Trophy

Venue: Welsh Harp Sailing Club. 5th Nov 2016

Report, Steve Cooper.  Photos Luke Howard.

Twenty boats contested the 2016 Victor trophy, 16 locals and 4 travellers.  After a season of racing on ponds, rivers, tidal estuaries, and the gentle tidal waters of Poole harbour, the Travellers series would be settled with some inland sailing at the Welsh Harp.  The stagnant atmospheric conditions of recent weeks had been pushed away by a chill, gentle Northerly breeze. 

Difficult conditions for the OOD, Brian Jefferies. With the breeze across the length of the lake the fleet were set 3 short beats, two short reaches and a long reach back up the water to complete the course.

First to the windward mark in race one were Steve Cooper and Chris Lomax, their lead was maintained across the first reach and onto the short beat towards the North shore and mark no 3.   In the lea of the trees a seagull perched on top of the orange buoy, considering its reflection in the still water.  The successful strategy! Go wide, and keep well away from the lead boat now marooned just shy of the three-boat length zone. The series contenders all sailed past. Richard Ham and Steve Browne continued to make good choices recovering from a poor start to win race one.

The short beats provided overtaking opportunities throughout the afternoon. Gains could also be made on the long reach up to the clubhouse.  Attempts to protect one’s wind took boats towards the trees and, for the leaders, into the oncoming fleet.  Again, pursuing boats would benefit taking the opportunity to sail a lower course in clearer wind.

Richard Lord and Hannah Rose took the second race passing Cooper and Lomax on one of the tight reaches, when trimming two sails well was faster than struggling with the spinnaker.

The close competition in race three was for 2nd and 3rd. Winners Frank Pearce and Sophie Blanchard found a nice gap on the start line and starting with speed sailed over the boats stacked up to leeward. Finding good wind on the left-hand side of the beat they rounded the windward mark in first place with a lead they extended throughout the race.

Significantly for the overall result R. Ham and Steve Browne overhauled R. Lord and Hannah Rose on the final beat to grab a third which would give them the Victor trophy and the Travellers series.

The final beat of the final race! We look forward to next year!

Congratulations to all the prize winners and a big than-you to all the volunteers at the Welsh Harp Sailing club for an excellent event. 

Overall Results:

Pos Sail No Helm Crew Club R1 R2 R3 Pts
1st 14166 Richard Ham Steve Browne Tollesbury SC 1 ‑3 3 2
2nd 14200 Richard Lord Hannah Rose Welsh Harp SC 3 1 ‑4 2
3rd 14151 Steve Cooper Chris Lomax Welsh Harp SC ‑2 2 2 2
4th 13532 Frank Pearce Sophie Blanchard Welsh Harp SC ‑5 4 1 2.5
5th 13679 Martin Hime Mahmood Shamsuddin Welsh Harp SC 4 ‑9 7 5.5
6th 13980 Roger Walton Lucy Barrie Welsh Harp SC 6 6 ‑8 6
7th 13316 James Ward Richard Whitehill Papercourt SC ‑14 8 5 6.5
8th 13170 Norman Brown Hannah Liptrot Welsh Harp SC ‑9 5 9 7
9th 13603 Alistair Lambert Caro Mitchell Welsh Harp SC 11 ‑14 6 8.5
10th 14038 James Stafford Patrick Erwin Poole YC 7 ‑13 11 9
11th 13787 Edward Coyne Szymon Matyjaszczuk North Herts East 8 11 ‑15 9.5
12th 10591 Craig Sanderson Peter Kay Welsh Harp SC ‑16 7 13 10
13th 13870 Maciek Matyjaszczuk Lydia Evans Welsh Harp SC 10 ‑16 10 10
14th 14020 David Innes Andrew Todd Frensham Ponds SC ‑12 10 12 11
15th 13269 Peter Law Seamus O'Connell Welsh Harp SC 13 12 ‑17 12.5
16th 13853 Lesley Kaye Nick Masters Welsh Harp SC 15 (DNF) 14 14.5
17th 1 Yossi Shahar Richard Gillian Welsh Harp SC ‑20 15 16 15.5
18th 2 Moh Ali Ken Gale Welsh Harp SC 17 ‑18 18 17.5
19th 13620 Louise Hinselwood Jenny Irwin Welsh Harp SC 19 17 (DNS) 18
20th 12289 Maurice Futerman Micha Meyers Welsh Harp SC 18 ‑19 19 18.5