GP14 National Youths and Masters Championships 

Celebrating GP14 sailing for all ages

The Welsh Harp Sat 16 and Sun 17 July 2016

Youth Trophies



Awarded to these who are Highest Placed Overall

The Bell Championship  Trophy

Winner of Championship

Everitt E Plater  Trophy

Winning Crew

The Borough Of Broxbourne


Championship Runner Up

The South Staffs SC Trophy


The Wigan MBC Cup

Third Helm Overall

Wigan Sailing Club Trophy

Third Crew Overall

National 57 Team Trophy

3 Highest Place Boats

From Club Or Group

Hazelocks Cup

Highest Lady Helm And Crew

The Girls Prize

1st Girl Helm

Crew Shield

Leading Female Crew

Milliken Industrial Cup

18 Years And Under

Dandy Caravans Cup

16 Years And Under