Race report 27th Feb   Wind 20+ knots ENE-ish

Course 7, 8, 1, 2     5, 6, 1, 2    12 GPs  4 lasers

Sailing is an unpredictable sport: we cast off the anchors of familiar routines and give ourselves up to the anarchy of the wind.  With the breeze increasing to a bracing 20 plus knots the Laser fleet got away cleanly. Then, as the committee boat dragged on its anchor, the GP start evolved.  Wind-chilled fingers and bodies needed to be exercised - it was wise to get going, and everybody did, eventually.   The long beat was hard work, particularly for the Lasers. Michal pushed Gareth on the first beat and run, Gareth pulled away on the next beat. The GP race was close throughout, with some uncertainty and tentative gybing downwind as boats went either side of the lake in search of ‘pressure’.  Scooter and Maciej went over, and late starters Allie and Sophie were able to assess the progress of the boats in front.  Staying on the North shore they gained places, sailed a good beat and went on to win.  Keith and Demi, Jim and Jamie sailed well to finish 2nd  and 3rd.   Technical issues with the safety boat prompted an early tea.  

 For the second race the wind speed had dropped and veered a few degrees. With the committee boat in the lee of the South shore, some order was restored.  Maciej and Scooter were fastest up the beats, but the gaps closed downwind.  Andy Shrimpton with Peter Kay surged through the fleet on the first run; some spinnaker origami denied them a repeat performance second time round.  Andy and Peter eventually finished second to Maciej and Scooter with Sophie and Alistair in third place.

Full results on the web-site; short video clip in the photo gallery (just before the finish of the first race).


Four Saturdays to go in this Series, lots of close scores with overall positions changing each week!!