Race Report 6th Feb    4 GPs   25-30 Knots SSW  50 knot gust recorded.

Storm Imogen was the name the met office gave to the state of the atmosphere over the weekend.  Have a look at this website for some interesting and more appropriate wind terminology. http:windlegends.org/windnames.htm

My favourite, Descuernacabras  “wind that de-horns goats”.  No goats at the harp but the geese and swans were nowhere to be seen, likewise the majority of the fleet.   

The ‘race’ consisted of two laps round, 2,1,3,4, a small area for the safety boat to cover.   Roger and I helped them conserve fuel by capsizing within the 3 boat length zone either side of the windward mark.  Norman and Lydia managed to negotiate the course having completed their capsize drill shortly after leaving the pontoon.

Maciej and Tomasz did not capsize, wisely rigging their boat with a jib they cruised around the course avoiding upturned boats to cross the line just in front of Norm and Lydia in second.      

As the wind picked up OOD Dennis Adams took everybody off the water for an early tea.

1  Maciej and Tomasz

2  Norman and Lydia

3  Roger and Helen


4  Steve and Arran