Race Report 29 January 2016

 An almost clear blue sky, and a strong and inconstant wind varying from 15 to 30mph and west to north.

 It was good to see the return of the Lasers with 9 in the first race, and 12 GPs. A Laser in trouble before the start was a sign of what was come.

 Keith Street and Demi set a complex 321754, and Mahmoud capsized his Laser shortly after a good start, leaving Gareth to gain an unchallengeable lead by the time he was on the run to 7. The lead GPs were Alain and Will, Mark and Maciej, Steve and Arran, and Jim and Jamie, all with spinnakers up for an almost dead run to 7.

 More capsizes behind the leaders, with one Laser and 2 GPs retiring kept the safety boats busy, and missing the action at the front where Mark and Steve managed to get past Alain, with Jim keeping his fourth place to the end. A mini race for the survivors at the back saw John and Mick using their spinnaker to just beat Keith Toovey and Chris Higgs.

 For the second race, Keith set an even more complex 34127856 to keep the Bs on their toes – the remaining 8 GPs - and 8 Lasers - although the wind seemed to have eased. This time, Gareth started off in irons at the back. Before the safety boats got busy again, the order for the GPs at the first mark was Maciej, Jamie, James Stafford, Will, Roger, Arran and Caro and Ricardo. Some strong gusts, with white horses appearing, caused some capsizes and near capsizes after the gybe at 3, with Steve determined not to go into the mud, and Ricardo struggling to find a centreboard to stand on.

 Engine trouble caused the second safety boat to abandon the race (and this report), but the race appeared to finish in orderly fashion with the sun appearing again.

 Laurence Bard



Race 1 (7 boats):

Gareth 1st, Michal 2nd, Scooter 3rd

Race 2 (5 boats):

Scooter 1st, Michal 2nd, Gareth 3rd



1st race (12 boats):

Mark & Maciej 1st, Steve & Arran 2nd, Alain & Will 3rd

2nd race (7 boats):


Alain & Will 1st, Maciej & Mark 2nd (Maciej 1st place bronze and only bronze to finish the race!), James and Patrick 3rd