Race Report 23 Jan  18 GPs , 5 Lasers.

Wind NW, light breeze; course 1st race 2,6,5,1; 2nd  4,3,6,5

The pleasant force three that had developed by late morning had all but disappeared by one o’clock. The Laser fleet got away cleanly and Maurice was in first place at the windward mark: a close contest ensued with Micha, Michal and Maurice competing for the lead. A ‘hat malfunction’ took Maurice out of contention, causing an unlikely capsize. Micha and Michal sailed past. Micha then took advantage of some confusion over the position of the finish line to win the race.  Second race was again close, with Maurice sorting out his headgear. Michal won, overtaking Micha who experienced some interference from the GP fleet at the penultimate mark.

The GP start was a gentle affair as the majority of the fleet peeled off onto the preferred port tack. Progress up the lake was slow and frustrating as the patchy wind proved elusive. Jim Faulkner was ‘surprised’ to find himself in the lead after a poor start and, while other boats rolled through tacks in search of some wind, Jim and Jamie glided on serenely to fetch the first mark.  The lead changed hands on the off-wind legs, as the weak gusts favoured the chasers, but Jim and Jamie regained pole position sailing upwind.

 Again the requirement of following a set of basic instructions proved too much for some, a weakness that was evident later that evening on the dance floor. Some went high some went low, and Jim got there before the rest of us.

Well done Amy Street and Mark Wolf in winning the bronze fleet in the second race. This may make Amy the youngest ever helm to win a Bronze fleet race. A fine achievement!



Race 1 (18 GPs): 1st Jim F and Jamie, 2nd Joel and Keith S, 3rd Steve and Arran

Race 2 (16 GPs): 1st Keith S and Joel, 2nd Amy and Mark , 3rd Sophie and Frank (2ndBronze)


Race 1 (5 Lasers): Micha 1st, Michal 2nd, Tomasz 3rd

Race 2 (4 Lasers): Michal 1st, Maurice 2nd, Micha 3rd


Thanks to Caro for the results and Micha for the Laser report.  Steve C