Race Report  9th Jan   17 GPs , 6/7 lasers.

A short start line pin end bias,short beat to the first mark,hook round mark,shifty force 3 and a good turn-out. Insurance up to date?  Like parkland ducks scrambling for a chunk of mothers pride, crews attempted to find that elusive ‘gap’ on the line. No gaps where I was, when the person that you’re sitting closest to is not your crew, you’re probably going the wrong way, at less than optimum boat speed. There was more intimacy in the raft of boats at the first mark, allowing the late starters to catch up.  

The course provided plenty of opportunities for overtaking with the lead changing throughout the race. On the short run between 6 and 7, Martin and Mahmood lost out to myself and Helen when choosing not to gybe. We returned the favour when gybing the kite late resulted in poor a rounding at 7. Martin managed to sail much higher on the first tack from 7 to 8 regaining the lead. The in form M&M team kept their concentration to stay in front on the beats and reaches back to the finish.

The start to race 2 was more orderly. Starting a little late in clear air at the committee boat being a good option. Another close race ensued, with Helen taking first place in front of Jim Dimond.  Andy Shrimpton was again the first B helm to finish.

Both laser races were won by Gareth.  Welcome to the two new laser sailors Thabit Choudray and Gabriel Walsh. 

If anyone fancies writing or contributing to a race report, particularly if you sail a laser, are OOD or on safety, then please let me know.  

Steve Cooper