Race Report.  25th 26th Dec,  2nd  January



A fleet is defined as a group of ships sailing together. So, by definition there was a fleet sailing at the harp on both Christmas day and Boxing day. Boxing day in particular saw a cracking south westerly breeze as GPs, lasers, and a windsurfer pursued each other up and down the lake. Congratulations to Martin for sailing the course standing up, and to Mark and Maciej for going faster than the rest. Members of the fleet were outnumbered by guests as they enjoyed mince pies and wine in the clubhouse.


New Year


A resolute turnout for the New Year, 13 GPs and 7 lasers. Two safety boats on the water but the breeze was a little disappointing for those wanting a full post Christmas workout. The OOD anchored the Committee boat close to no 1 and set the course 4,3,6,5,8,7,2,1. With the wind from the south this looked like a course with no beats. Not so, the best wind was in the middle, which left a few tricky tacks into reduced wind round the marks on the southern shore. Trimming the sails to suit big variations in wind speed added interest to the close hauled legs. The off-wind legs were tight with few boats choosing to fly their spinnakers. Steve and Andy managed to establish a lead in both races only to be hunted down and overtaken at the last mark, twice!  Mark and Amy took the first race and Keith and Alistair won race two. Andy was the first bronze  helm to finish.


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