Gentle Breeze,Tricky Course 

Whilst some were being transported to a galaxy far far away, 5 Lasers and 10 GP's lined up to explore more familiar, terrestrial territory.  The force was not quite with them though, shifting either side of 10 knots blowing from SSW for this last day of the club's Autumn Series. 

OOD Scooter set the start line near the north shore with a pin end bias to send the fleet off across the water to no 2, a long reach to 7  a beat  to 6, then 3,4,1,2  back up the lake.  The majority of the fleet started on starboard tack with rogue individuals choosing to sneak through from the Dark Side. The short beat to one is always a challenge, sail in the breeze away from the dam and hopefully arrive at the mark before the starboard tack boats.  Vocal exchanges regarding rights of way are essential, especially when sailing into water occupied by another competitor.    Norman and Lydia were first round the windward mark.  Sailing slightly higher downwind Steve and Andy gained the lead at the leeward mark only to head off to 8 instead of 6.     Sailing the wrong course when in doubt is a silly mistake, when executed with certainty it’s a tough one to recover from.   The fleet sailed past.

The short beats offered good opportunities for overtaking for those picking the right  shifts. On regaining the lead Norman and Lydia made the best of the conditions and maintained their position to the end.

Well fought 'B' Race 

The second race was closely contested between Mahmood/Martin and Andy/Steve.  Apart from a misjudged attempt to shoot the mark at no 2 which nearly let Andy through, Mahmood maintained a narrow lead throughout to win the contest.   Andy Shrimpton was the first B helm over the line.

Laser Fleet

Yes there were Lasers racing, and not Planet on Jakku.    We could do with a budding journalist from the fleet to write a few words to go here, while I have my hands full trying to go the right way.  Offers  please!


GP14 A Helm 1 Norman Green
   Lydia Evans
GP14 B Helm 1 Andy Shrimpton    
Laser Race 1      
Laser Race 2      


Autumn Series Results


Steve Cooper