Blow the winds southerly (well, south westerly)

Wind 12-15 knots   36 knot gusts recorded!!! 

‘I didn’t really have to do very much’. Race One winner A. Wadsworth modestly sums up his performance.  

So what did not very much add up to?   Top start; while the rest of the fleet edged up the line the from the committee boat end Andy sails away serenely on port tack from the pin end.  Sailing the right course; the sausage, triangle course  with no starboard roundings bamboozles the rest of the fleet, Andy steers his sturdy ship around the correct course.  Keeping the kite in the boat; a conservative approach to the downwind leg paid dividends as more adventurous/foolhardy crews went swimming. Then the X Factor, a superfit crew at the top of his game.

A good day all round for the two Andys, as A. Shrimpton kept the boat upright(ish) to win the B race. 

The safety boats were kept busy with the fleet again diminishing throughout the afternoon as boats were dragged ashore to hose mud off sails.  

Lasers on a roll...

Capsize recovery featured as an essential technique in the Laser races where master of the dry capsize Alain scored two wins, entertaining himself in competition with the GPs.  Michal was second in both races choosing to reach downwind to avoid the imminent threat of the death roll which came with a more direct course to the leeward mark.


GP14 A Helm 1 Andy Wadsworth 2 Jim Diamond 3 Jim Faulkner
GP14 B Helm 1 Andy Shrimpton    
Laser Race 1 1 Alain Renaud 2 Michal Szady  
Laser Race 2 1 Alain Renaud 2 Michal Szady  

Race 1:  9 GP14s started  5 finished.  5 Lasers start 2 finished

Steve Cooper