Abigail was kind, but watch out for Barney!


Abigail !  Now that we have names for storms, we will take more notice of forecasts and be better prepared. If you turn up to sail and your boat is in the car-park Abigail might be responsible but it’s your own fault, you knew she was coming.

Wind on Saturday courtesy of Abigail was disappointing given the forecast of 20 knots plus, often below 10 Knots the conditions suited the lighter crews.  Blowing from SSW, OOD Frank set a course with two good beats from 5 to 4 and then 3 to 2 with a long reach from 1 to 6.  Good spinnaker handling proved the key as Martin and Mahmood,  gained a lead on the reach which they held to the line.

The second race was closely contested with Martin this time concentrating on feathering the kite as Mahmood overtook boats on the down-wind leg to win the race. Peter Dunton with crew Daphne was the first B helm over the line.

Michal Szady was first WHSC laser in the first race with Gareth Wilson winning the second, while Mike Smith lost out after hitting the last mark.

Barney is coming this weekend , tie your boats down. 


Steve Cooper