Rollup  Racing Report


Saturday 26 September


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More Rollup racing September 26 2015

Another lovely afternoon’s sunshine and a real buzz around the clubhouse while people were sorted out in helm-crew combinations for the second of the Rollup race sessions.  There were 17 GP14s, and up to 5 Lasers joined in too.


Liz and Sam enjoyed last week so much that they offered to OD again and the task was easier this time as the wind was a bit stronger and coming from the east, so the committee boat could sit in the middle of the course, starting and finishing the races in the same place.  This allowed for quicker changeovers between the four races.


The fixed line worked well as a start line most of the time, with the exception of the third race when a combination of windshift and gust made it so biased that virtually the whole fleet was over the line before they knew what had happened to them! As a finish line it was generally biased towards the boat end, and those who spotted this could make some great last-minute gains by standing on as they rounded the final buoy.

The leading boats were, not surprisingly, helmed by the more experienced sailors. Like last week, Mark Wolf was very impressive, coming first in three of the races with Norman Brown quite close behind him, showing off his beautiful roll tacks and gybes. Peter Dunton had a great third race, coming second. Michal Szady’s results were very consistent, from third to sixth. Given the slightly stronger winds, not all the newer sailors were keen to helm, but most of them had a go in the final race – even Sarah’s ten-year old daughter Lucy who came twelfth out of fifteen. The two youth sailors Rufus and Matt had some creditable results and seemed to be having a great time!

It was a very good humoured and pleasant afternoon – a great opportunity for people who’ve not been here long and usually sail on Saturday mornings to meet the regular Saturday afternoon racers. Hopefully they will be encouraged now to stay on after Plain Sailing and to try to get a crewing job for the afternoon, or to pair up with another checked out sailor and give it a go.


Thanks, as usual, to everyone who made it happen, to the safety boat team of Peter Kay and Chris Nash and to Andy Shrimpton for the all-important tea and cakes!