Rollup  Racing Report


Saturday 19 September


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Roll Up, Roll Up!

17 GP14s took part in the Roll Up racing on September 19th, an event where new members could get a taste of racing by being paired up with a willing helm.  Four short races were run – half an hour each one – with a tea-break after the second one. Some new sailors preferred to crew for all four races, others took the helm for the second and fourth ones; spinnakers were not allowed.

The sun shone all afternoon but the northerly wind was rather light – VERY light at times, often bringing the fleet to a standstill.  Race Officers, Liz Hall and Sam Martin, set a very short course of just three marks. This gave everyone good practice at all points of sail – even if they were sometimes reaching on the beat, running on the reach and beating on quite random occasions – that’s sailing on the Welsh Harp! Some of the start lines became rather biased, leading to a certain amount of chaos down at the port end, especially in the second race.

The first race had a trio of experienced helms way out ahead of the rest of the fleet, but since none of them was able to resist the temptation to rock and roll their boats on the first two legs of the course, the moral victor was Michal Szady sailing with Richard Hepburn, followed by Steve Cooper with Miroslav Vladovic.

In such tricky conditions places swapped quite a bit over the afternoon, but Mark Wolf sailing with Peter Cox was usually way out in front, sometimes lapping the tail-enders. Some people, like Sarah Street and her daughter Amy, sailed four relaxed races, but most teams had their moment either of triumph or despair. Ricardo Chacon/Sam Asfha looked happiest in the third race when the wind was a bit stronger, but Lawrence Bard ruined his chances by going to the wrong mark (sun in his eyes?). His crew Nick Taylor was fourth in the last race and was so amazed he just sat on the line oblivious to the other finishers.  Kevin Laitak (with Mick Printemps) and Arron Gillies (with Chris Lomax) had both got through ahead of him, so they were happy.  Taking the prize for bad luck of the day was Martin Davy (with Andy Shrimpton) who tried and tried, but just couldn’t coax his boat over the finish and had to watch half the fleet inch past him…


It was a very successful afternoon and many thanks to Penny and Roger for organising it, to the safety team of Brian Jefferies, Robin Imray, Chris Higgs and Alan Janering  – and above all to John O’Sullivan for making some fabulous cakes for tea. Roll on the next Roll Up – next week!




Boat      Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4
13170 Norman Brown Rufus Pickles 1 2 dnf dns
14131 Mark Wolf Peter Cox 2 1 1 dns
14166 Richard Ham Yasmin Hales 3 14 2 dns
8 Michal Szady Richard Hepburn 4 5 7 6
5 Steve Cooper Miroslav Vladovic 5 4 4 1
13589 Laurence Bard Nick Taylor 6 11 6 4
14102 Richard Lord Jane 7 3 dnf dns
13713 Chris Lomax Arran Gillies 8 9 5 3
3 Sarah Street Amy Street 9 8 11 10
6 Maciej Matyjaszczuk Cathy Howard 10 7 8 dns
13870 Mahmood Shamsuddin Penny Abbott/ Jonathan Richards 11 13 12 8
13889 Mick Printemps Kevin Laitak 12 dnf 13 2
13919 Daphne Grey Moh Ali 13 16 15 dns
2 Andy Shrimpton Martin Davy 14 15 14 11
13675 John O' Sullivan Gerry Woodcock 15 12 9 5
1 Ricardo Chacon Sam Asfaha 16 10 3 7
12289 Maurice Futerman Chris Rowley 17 6 10 9