Victor Trophy

Welsh Harp Sailing Club,  July 4

Race Officer Frank, a former winner of the trophy, organised the event well – wind force 3 to 4 but gusty and a little directionally variable; temperature: shorts, tee-shirts and scorchio. Wind was westerly down the lake and so Frank set a simple figure of eight course using the full length of the lake. However it is rumoured he has been watching too much ‘Top Gear’ and so the first challenge was set with a very biased line to favour port tack starting. Masters of this were visitors James Ward and Richard Whitehill who soon established a big lead from Pole position. Roger Walton and Helen Allen chased them with Richard Lord and Hannah Rose not far behind. At the leeward mark, the fleet recognised the next challenge – in a Harry Potter like scene, weed leapt out of the bottom of the pond to grab passing centreboards and rudders while strange cries were heard from passing boats. The leading two seemed unaffected by all this chaos, while Richard and Hannah had obviously not taken their ‘Polyjuice’ and dropped 4 places. Last time round the leeward mark and James ground to a halt. As the grin on Roger’s face broadened he reciprocated as James broke free. Richard had worked his way back up to third and closed in on both – so the last beat followed ‘Strictly come dancing’ format with much synchronised tacking but no place changing. 

After a superb lunch, Frank took sympathy on the fleet reducing the challenges by moving the course clear of the weed area but added a hitch in the windward leg. Andy Wadsworth with Andy Shrimpton was the clear winner of the start and rounded the windward mark clear of Roger. These two had a battle downwind with Roger pulling ahead and both leaving the rest of the fleet for dead. However on the last run, Andy was back there and it was nip ‘n tuck all the way up the last beat for Roger to sneak home but a few seconds in front.

New challenges were added for race 3 with 4 gybes on the downwind section and the biased start line reinstated. This time Richard was fastest off the line but Roger held the wind gauge and with his extra lunch powered into the lead. However down the first spinnaker reach Hannah demonstrated her prowess with this rag pulling Richard to an inside overlap at the next mark. Slick gibing ensured that these were not challenged further that race. There was a battle royal for the bronze medal position for the whole race, with the Andy’s winning this and with Steve Cooper and Michal Szady pushing James back to fifth position.

The final results were Roger and Helen as clear winners, Richard and Hannah finishing second with the Andy’s third. James and Richard had peaked too early and were pushed back to fourth. An excellent open meeting and probably the best simulation for Barbados yet available.

Richard Lord 

Results are final as of 22:48 on July 4, 2015


Sailed: 3, Discards: 1, To count: 2, Entries: 20, Scoring system: Appendix A
1st gold 13980 Welsh Harp SC Roger Walton Helen Allen (2.0) 1.0 2.0 5.0 1.5
2nd gold 14102 Welsh Harp SC Richard Lord Hannah Rose (3.0) 3.0 1.0 7.0 2.0
3rd gold 14014 Welsh Harp SC Andy Wadsworth Andy Shrimpton (9.0) 2.0 3.0 14.0 2.5
4th gold 13316 Papercourt SC James Ward Richard Whitehill 1.0 (5.0) 5.0 11.0 3.0
5th silver 1 Welsh Harp SC Ricardo Chacon Caro Mitchell 5.0 4.0 (12.0) 21.0 4.5
6th gold 14151 Welsh Harp SC Steve Cooper Michal Szady (14.0) 7.0 4.0 25.0 5.5
7th silver 13679 Welsh Harp SC Martin Hime Mahmood Shamsuddin 6.0 (8.0) 6.0 20.0 6.0
8th silver 13461 Welsh Harp SC Jim Dimond Keith Toovey 4.0 10.0 (11.0) 25.0 7.0
9th silver 13853 Welsh Harp SC Lesley Kaye Paul James 8.0 (11.0) 7.0 26.0 7.5
10th gold 10591 Welsh Harp SC Craig Sanderson Brian Garrard (13.0) 6.0 10.0 29.0 8.0
11th gold 13603 Welsh Harp SC Alistair Lambert Yasmin Hales 7.0 (12.0) 9.0 28.0 8.0
12th silver 13941 Welsh Harp SC Dennis Adams Mike Smith 10.0 9.0 (15.0) 34.0 9.5
13th gold 13594 Welsh Harp SC Ruslan Scutelnic James Isles (21.0 DNF) 13.0 8.0 42.0 10.5
14th silver 13523 Welsh Harp SC Norman Brown Lydia Evans 11.0 (16.0) 13.0 40.0 12.0
15th silver 13958 Tollesbury SC George Rogers Giselle Sherwin 12.0 14.0 (16.0) 42.0 13.0
16th gold 13787 Poole YC James Stafford Chris Rowley (17.0) 17.0 14.0 48.0 15.5
17th silver 7 Welsh Harp SC Maciek Matyjaszczuk Demi Trenholm 16.0 15.0 (21.0 DNF) 52.0 15.5
18th silver 13675 Welsh Harp SC John O'Sullivan Mick Printemps 15.0 (21.0 DNF) 21.0 DNF 57.0 18.0
19th silver 13919 Welsh Harp SC Peter Dunton Daphne Grey (21.0 DNF) 21.0 DNF 17.0 59.0 19.0
20th gold 14134 Welsh Harp SC Peter Kay Ian Conway (21.0 RAF) 21.0 21.0 63.0 21.0

Scoring codes used

DNC Did not come to the starting area 21
DNF Started but did not finish 21
RAF Retired after finishing 21



Sailwave Scoring Software 2.9.7