2 & 3 May

Chichester Yacht Club played host to two fantastic days of sailing.  A really friendly club on the chichester channel.  The excellent OOD and team had a tricky job of running 3 races back to back each day to beat the tide so our sailing window was pretty tight with 10.55 starts and off the water by 13.30!

Sadly only 10 boats turned up so the start line was a breeze.  Day 1 saw a nice steady SE wind of F4.  Race 1 was won by Mr Instone and Mr Toot-'we are going to win it' hall.....race 2 ditto...race 3 ditto... No I have not developed a stutter but you can see a pattern developing here...Richard Ham and Steve Brown did their best to give them some competition (lord knows we all tried!).

Day 2 and the breeze veered SW and built to a F6 right down the channel.

The water state was great (wind with tide) for the 1st two races until the last race when the tide turned to give us a bit of chop. All 3 races were won by... yes you guessed it Instone and Toots.  Second overall place went to Richard and Steve and Third place to Richard Whitehill and James Ward of Papercourt. Silver fleet was won by Chris Hawkes and Russell Wheeler of Poole  SC and Bronze by me ably crewed by Norman Brown. Sadly I was also the only female helm and won the token gesture cup.  Where are all you ladies???

Full overall results can be seen on the GP website :




Cheers Helen