Race Report from the  GP14 Venetian Trophy Open Event - Saturday 11 April

Hosted by the Welsh Harp Sailing Club

A great Venetian GP14 Open with lots of wind, gusts and sun...

The Venetian GP14 Open 2015 was held on Saturday the 11th of April. The day started with some rain, but by the time the boats got onto the water, the rain disappeared and the sun came out. The wind was as predicted relatively strong, with significant gusts (up to 24 knots). This made it a busy day for our safety crews, as there were quite a few capsizes and one boat having to be towed back to the pontoon. In total there were 21 boats (including 2 visitors from Tollesbury and Papercourt) competing for the Venetian trophy.

Although being disqualified for being over the line in the first race, the cunning plan of Richard Ham and Steve Browne of Tollesbury, was to win the second and third race - which they did. It is fair to say that the rest of fleet could only admire the back of their boat (if you could come close). Also James Ward and Richard Whitehill from Papercourt did very well by winning the first race and finishing in second place in race two and three. We have some practising to do to catch up with them. The fleet was divided in a Gold and Silver fleet and the end results were as follows:


  1. Richard Ham/Steve Browne (Tollerbury)
  2. James Ward/Richard Whitehill (Papercourt)
  3. Steve Cooper/Frank Pierce (WHSC)


  1. Dennis Adams/Chris Lomax (WHSC)
  2. Martin Hime/Mahmood Shamsuddin (WHSC)
  3. Peter Law/Seamus O™'Connell (WHSC)

Click here for Full Results of Venetian 2015

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What's an open with some good food for breakfast and lunch, and lots of cakes after a hard day's work? I would like to thank the catering crew for making and serving breakfast, lunch and tea (Brian Gerrard, Caro Mitchell, Jim Faulkner and Penny for the food and Terry, Mick, Alan, Chris Penny, and Chrys for helping). You can see on one of the pictures that the participants are enjoying lunch. These days cannot be held without help of volunteers for OOD, Safety and for assisting me in organising the day (Brian, Richard, Martin, John Shep, Ray, Mike, Phil, John O and Jim). Many thanks to having made the Venetian 2015 a great day.

Wiebe Nauta

WHSC Sailing Secretary