Despite a lot of wind and massive gusts, we had 11 GP14s and 3 Lasers on the water on Saturday. An interesting day (to say the least)….


As predicted, there was strong wind (22+) and massive gusts (30+) on Saturday. No sailing weather for the faint hearted, however we had 25 brave souls on the water who kept the safety boats very busy. They were helping with the capsized boats while there were also a few accidents. One boat looked more like an ex-boat and almost sank while pulled back to the pontoon by the safety boat at the end of the race. I have included a couple of picture which give an indication of the wind strength. There were 11 GP14s and 3 Lasers out.

The second race was cancelled. The scores for the first race are as follows:

All Fleet:
1st: Ruslan/Jamie
2nd: Roger/Helen
3rd: Steve/Michael

1st: Wiebe

All, who gave it a go: well done!

Kind regards,


Wiebe Nauta

WHSC Sailing Secretary