Sat Commodores Cup 2017   A Tale of Three Beats  

15 GP,s. 8 Lasers. 2 RS Tera’s     Wind Southerly 9 knts max.



A relaxed approach to boat preparation on Saturday morning as competitors cleared the wildlife from under their boat-covers. Mast almost straight, resonant twang from a shroud, bungs in, rudder present, on the water! 

Race officers Helen Allen and Alan Janering, had adjusted the marks to provide short beats into the Southerly breeze.

Shifts before the start tempted boats to both end of the line, the line was well set. The first beat was balanced, boats going left or right found decent wind, the Right-hand side delivered the Starboard tack approach, the best choice.      A tight spinnaker leg to no3.

The second beat required a little more time on port tack and a good call for the correct line to the mark to avoid a late header and a wishful luff to sneak round the mark.   

Another close spinnaker reach to 5.                              

Beat no 3. With 6 well down to the west of 5, port was the longest tack. Strategic choice, tack early and hope to minimise your losses on the shifts or be tempted to stay on in good wind and risk getting marooned closer to the South Shore.  Neither was a predictable outcome and the boats on the south shore could be flying along while those following the textbook strategy were sailing through porridge.  

Much trimming of sheets on the close reach back to 1.

Akira Blackah and Max Steele in the Terra’s had the had the extra ‘nuisance’ of dealing with disturbed wind from the rest of the fleet. They were not intimidated, check out the photo of Max starting on Port in front of the Laser fleet.  Akira took 1st overall with two wins.

Race wins for Karen Wilson, Mike Smith and Micha Myers in the laser fleet, only Micha scoring another ‘podium’ to take the overall trophy.

A share of the spoils in the GPs, 1st race to myself and Yossi when Martin and Mahmood after leading for two laps took the porridge option at 5.  A strong performance in race two saw them take first. Third race to Jim Faulkner helming 1359?  for the last time, with new owner John O’Sullivan  flying a mean kite and keeping the front of the boat tidy.  

With a first and second Martin and Mahmood are club champions for 2017.

Lovely Lunch, Delicious cakes! A big thankyou to everyone who helped. Check out Luke’s photographs and full results on the website.



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