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Windsurfing Sessions Resume on April 20th 2017

Last beginner tasters – 10th August
Last experienced tasters – 24th August

Windsurfing on the Welsh Harp is run by a welcoming team of friendly, enthusiastic volunteer instructors. We offer members quality kit, modern boards and rigs and we also have wetsuits and harnesses for training sessions.

If you are a newcomer to windsurfing you can start by turning up to one of our Thursday evening ‘taster’ training sessions. The beach is open at 18.00 and taster sessions start at 18.30 so you need to have signed on in the clubhouse, changed and be ready on the beach by 18.30 (see below for more details).

There is basic training available during Thursday evenings from 6pm, starting from 20 April to early September.

Once you are ‘checked out’ you will be able to windsurf most times during the week using the club kit.

Since WHSC is a non-profit making club run by volunteers, costs are kept to a minimum and money can be reinvested by into club kit to keep it up to date and of good quality.

Members of WHSC can also take advantage of windsurfing courses so that you can progress more quickly and gain RYA qualifications, which are transferable to other locations. These are run throughout the season by RYA qualified instructors and this means that you can be assured that training is safe and run to a recognised standard. There is a fee for these courses but they are very competitively priced. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any queries.


How to get Windsurfing

Thursday Evening Training and New Members

Just come along to WHSC on a Thursday Evening where you will be able to meet other windsurfers in a supporting and encouraging environment and you will be able to give it a go.

You don’t have to have any experience; we just ask that you are confident in the water as during the initial sessions you might end up getting a little wet.

If you are already an experienced windsurfer you are also very welcome to come down since you will be able to see how the club operates and give some of our kit a try.

When Does Training Run?

Arrive at 6pm starting from 20 April 2017 and continuing through the summer until September* 2017. We always aim to make as much use of the evening as possible so each session will last as long as there is daylight and we normally finish around sunset.

*For members only

What do I need to bring?

Just turn up as early as possible and sign on in the Club House. We have wetsuits and buoyancy aids for members’ use free of charge – just bring your swimming kit and a pair of old trainers/tennis shoes you don’t mind getting wet and a towel.

How much does it cost?

The Taster Session costs £10 (taken off your membership if you join the Club). It is a chance to see if you like us and the way we do things before committing yourself. You can have up to two Taster Sessions but after that you will need to join the Club if you wish to continue.

Do I need to book?

No, just turn up on a Thursday evening at 6pm and report to the Welsh Harp Sailing Club clubhouse where you will receive a friendly welcome and instruction on how to get windsurfing. Just remember, the Taster Session starts at 18.30 so you need to be signed on, changed and on the beach by that time..

We operate on a 'First Come, First Served' basis, so getting on the water will depend upon how many turn up and how many Instructors we have on the night.

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Being Part of the Club

WHSC is run completely by volunteers; there are no paid staff. We therefore encourage members to get involved as much as possible. Although we do not make duties compulsory, we need members to help to make the club run smoothly. You can help in many ways, but as a minimum we expect members to pack away any equipment they use on a Thursday evening, or any other day. We also encourage our more experienced members to think about becoming an instructor or assistant instructor so we can continue to develop the club and windsurfing as a sport.

How to Progress Your Windsurfing

WHSC will be running a number of RYA windsurfing courses throughout the season for its members; these range from ‘Start Windsurfing’ up to ‘Intermediate Planing’ levels.

What is Club Check-Out?

Club checkout allows members to use the windsurf kit without supervision and without safety cover at most times. One of our RYA Senior Instructors will check you out once they are satisfied with your windsurfing, the way you use and handle our equipment and are able to rig and understand appropriate kit according to weather conditions.

If you have windsurfed before, the same rules apply so that we can satisfy ourselves that you are able to safely handle the kit without damage and a good understanding of how the club operates. It may take a number of visits before you get checked out.

Club Windsurfing Kit

WHSC has a range of good quality boards and sails which fit in the with RYA teaching scheme. We are approved to teach beginner up to intermediate planning level so our equipment choices reflect these levels. Club equipment is free to use and is available at most times for members once they are checked out.


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    Windsurfing on the Welsh Harp is run by a friendly welcoming team of enthusiastic volunteers. We...