Welsh Harp Sailing Club

was only founded in 2014 but the history goes back many decades

History of the Welsh Harp Sailing Club

In 2014 members of BTYC Sailsports and Seahorse Sailing Club joined together to create the Welsh Harp Sailing Club.

BTYC Sailsports

BTYC Sailsports was started in 1945 as the British Transport Yacht Club, for employees of the newly created British Transport Commission - a nationalised agglomeration of road, rail, canal and maritime transport businesses.

Since the Welsh Harp belonged to the waterways (it's the header-tank for London's canals), it was an obvious place to put the company sailing club.

Though some members still work in transport, BTYC Sailsports has been an open club since the 1980s, welcoming all who wish to sail or learn, until merging with Seahorse Sailing Club in 2014.


Seahorse Sailing Club

Seahorse Sailing Club started out in the late 1948 as the works sailing and social club for Smiths Industries, a large local employer, as many companies did at that time.

In the early 1970s, when the company no longer wanted to support a sailing club, it gave the club house to the members to own and run in trust. 

Since then Seahorse has been open to all comers and is run by and for its members, until merging with BTYC in 2014.